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If you like walking, hiking, and biking and talking with old friends and making new ones all while you explore city paths, country roads, and oceanside trails then you have you have found the place for you. Welcome to Great Walks Co.


We are hiking and walking gear and travel advisors to those who like to visit unique vacation spots by taking the path less traveled. However, we combine our opinions with yours. Help use crowd source our collective thoughts on our Forum


Gear Reviews: We review gear for those that like to travel efficiently. As Earl Shaffer once said, "carry as little as possible, so choose that little carefully." We help you choose the best gear by providing honest reviews.


Travel Review: We are not a travel company nor do we book trips but we do partner with a few preferred traditional, select non-traditional travel companies, to bring you the best in active vacations and travel ideas.

Be sure to bookmark this site or and check back often or join our email list as we guide you on adventures that take the path less traveled.

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