Product Review: Yeti Camp Mug

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

I have been through so many campsite coffee mugs that I could fill my garage with with them. In fact, my garage is filled with them. They are in the garage because most cannot hold the heat for very long. So with this last attempt at keeping my coffee warm for more than a few minutes, I tried the Yeti 14 oz. Camp Mug.

In summary, it was great. It held my camp coffee warm for as long as can reasonable expected. It has a double-wall vacuum-insulated body that keeps contents you want warm, warm, and stuff you want cold, cold. There are two things you cannot do with these mugs; you can't stick them in the microwave and you cannot place them directly on heat (like say to warm up the mug.) Here is what I do to start the mug off being warm; I pour boiling water in the mug and toss the water right before I pour the coffee. So short of building a warmer into the mug, this is as good as it gets. The mug is a little pricy but it promises to be used for a much longer time period than the ones in my garage.

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