Product Review: Pee Like A Man

Freshette by Freshette

Imagine that you’re on a long hike and you’re all geared up and it starts to rain. And then it happens, that moment you dread on the trail especially when your in a mixed group of hikers. That’s right the moment you realize that you have to pee.

Now you have to stop the group. While they are waiting you have to unbundle and do the "run of shame" into the bushes. While you are squatting and getting branches poking you in the rear-end, you think, how unfair is this that they guys only need to find a tree and unzip.

Now there is an equalizer, the Freshette. Freshette is the device that allows for the quick release of bodily of fluids while in mixed company and without having to do the squat. But they do require practice and sanitizer.

The Good: Other competing products are flexible. Where the part you hold against your body is somewhat soft, which can allow for some possible spil