Trip Review: Irish Country Roads

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

We had a great time city hiking in Ireland. While I didn't plan very well, everything turned out great. We hired a local driver to drive us 15 miles to 20 miles away from our hotel. We chose the locations based of maps that showed trails or country roads.

Local drivers dropped us off in small towns. When they learned what we were doing, their outside voice said it sounds like fun. However, their inside voice said that we were nuts. But this is how we travel. You get to see more taking the path less traveled.

We took backpacks that were loaded with water, cheese, crackers, a mini bottle of wine, and our Garmin ForeRunner. While we didn't need to tap into our supplies because we found many great places to stop in and grab a pint and a sandwich, we did actively use our Garmin watch. In fact, it became a super valuable tool to help us find our way back to the hotel.

The Garmin ForeRunner is the perfect tool to track miles, pace, and distance. If you wanted to, you could add waypoints and follow the map. The best part is that the battery lasts an incredibly long time. You can also put it into batter saving mode.

We would put in the waypoints/coordinates for our hotel before we left. Would then turn off the watch only to turn it on when we started back. We would use a paper map to find small towns that we want to visit but would use the Garmin GPS watch to make sure that we are making our back to our target point.

I can highly recommend the Garmin Forerunner 310xt. There are newer versions. I cannot wait to try them as well.

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